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On-call AI Assistant

Our assistant performs root cause analysis 24/7 for production issues, decreasing service downtime, customer impact and engineering effort.

Make your on-call rotation more efficient and keep your engineers focused.

Developers: Use markdown or your existing runbook to instruct how our assistant debugs various issues.

Any Platform

We support OpenTelemetry for a seamless integration.


No need to configure alarms. Let our assistant surface critical issues.


Connect your codebases and runbooks as context and instructions.


We never store your code. Your data is secure.


Automate issue triaging and root cause analysis.

Enterprise Ready

Optimized for enterprise velocity and scale.

For developers, by developers.

We use your configured monitors and logs to proactively solve issues based on your existing engineering practices. No need for setting up messy workflows.

Small Hours supports open source.

We believe in the power of open source software. We are committed to contributing back to the community.

Small Hours is built by former engineers of Amazon.